Some general rules of thumb for job searching:
This page has links to help with any of those scenarios.

Finding places to apply to (especially remote work) jobs board by city startup jobs board
How to Get a Remote Job by
Remote Work Without Degree: The Ultimate Guide by Remote Work Academy

Networking and how to reach out

Landing Your Dream Job With Cold Email by Wake Forest University Career Development
Networking for Aspiring Developers by freeCodeCamp
How to Get A Job Anywhere With No Connections by Cultivated Culture
Networking and Informational Interviewing by Berkeley, University of California

Fixing your resume, social media, and/or portfolio

Resume Optimizer, keyword tool by Lightcast
Get a Job Using LinkedIn video series by Danny Thompson Dev (mainly for developers but useful)

Mock interviews, technical interview practice

Makeuseof listicle on mock interview sites Articles with interview advice from Real Life Career Advice